Skycope Technologies Inc

“Founded in 2016, Skycope Technologies Inc. is a high tech security company based in Burnaby, Canada.

Applying the latest RF spectrum sensing and manipulation technologies, we provide the most advanced anti-drone solutions. Our technology can safely and effectively detect, identify, and neutralize rogue drones to prevent them from posing security threats in unauthorized areas.

Our team is a collection of diverse, talented and hard-working professionals who enjoy attacking challenging and significant problems. The team has varied levels of industry expertise in the fields of information theory, coding, signal processing and network security areas.”

What are the skills and qualities of a successful candidate in your organization?
”. Minimum of bachelor’s degree . Passion and ability to quickly pick up expertise on new technologies . Ability to adjust to change and rapid pace of development . Experience/Knowledge with Linux, C/C++, Python, Matlab etc. Different position requires different skill-sets. . Strong verbal and written communication skills”

In your opinion, what is the best way for UBC students to prepare for their interactions with you at the TCF?