Safe Software Inc.

“Safe Software Inc. is the maker of FME� and the global leader in spatial data transformation technology that helps GIS professionals and organizations master their data interoperability challenges.

FME is used by thousands of customers in more than 116 countries in a variety of industries. Ranging from small businesses to top international organizations, our customers use FME to unleash the power of their spatial data so people can use it where, when, and how they want to.”

What are the skills and qualities of a successful candidate in your organization?
“The biggest skill that we look for in co-op students and recent graduates are clear communication skills (both written and verbal), an eagerness to learn and continue to learn, being a team player (collaborating with others, respecting each others’ opinions), and having a good/strong understanding of the fundamentals. We emphasize the importance of humility and working together as a team here at Safe. We are here to support students and provide them with the best opportunity to grow their skills whether it be with Safe or beyond.”

In your opinion, what is the best way for UBC students to prepare for their interactions with you at the TCF?
“The best things students can do to prepare for interactions with Safers is to just come up and talk to us. Ask us questions about our culture, company and what we do, why Safe and what sets us apart. We want to have meaningful dialogue with students who are looking to understand our values and why Safe is an excellent and safe space for them to accelerate their skills and jump into a true software development oriented co-op or new graduate junior role.”