“The Ledcor Group of Companies is one of North America’s most diversified construction companies, serving the civil & infrastructure, oil & gas, pipeline, building, mining, power, and telecommunications sectors. Ledcor also owns operations in property investment, forestry, aviation, and marine transportation services. Ledcor employs over 7000 people across 20 offices. Ledcor is a privately-held, employee-owned company with over 800 employee shareholders. Since 1947 the company has been growing with its clients and partners: Forward. Together. See how at www.ledcor.com”

What are the skills and qualities of a successful candidate in your organization?
”- strong communication and interpersonal skills - technical aptitude - collaborative”

In your opinion, what is the best way for UBC students to prepare for their interactions with you at the TCF?
- learn a little about Ledcor and come to meet us in person to learn about opportunities

Website http://www.ledcor.com