Global Relay Communications Inc.

“Every day, your employees use communication platforms like email to talk to colleagues, customers, and counterparties. These platforms distribute critical information and keep your organization running efficiently. But they also produce a flood of data that can strain the resources of your IT and business teams.

We help organizations manage and control their communications data. Whether you want to meet regulatory requirements, streamline your eDiscovery process, or improve employee productivity, we can help you achieve your goals. Our services provide all employees with the tools and data they need - helping them make decisions and your organization stay competitive.”

What are the skills and qualities of a successful candidate in your organization?
“experience in Java, working knowledge of agile development methodologies, strong communication skills, keen mind for learning and taking on new challenges.”

In your opinion, what is the best way for UBC students to prepare for their interactions with you at the TCF?
Read up on the company beforehand. Look at list of opportunities available with Global Relay and ask relevant questions.