CPP Investment Board

We have a profound responsibility: to invest the assets belonging to 20 million Canadians to help ensure the sustainability of the Canada Pension Plan.

To meet this responsibility, CPPIB was created with a singular investment objective: to maximize returns without undue risk of loss. In doing so we are explicitly required to act in the best interests of contributors and beneficiaries and take into account the factors that affect the financial obligations of the CPP.

Our governance model – recognized worldwide as a leading standard for national pension plans – is critical to our ability to fulfill our responsibility. We operate at arm’s length from government while also being strictly accountable – through policies, regulations, and our enabling legislation.

Our Enterprise Risk Management framework ensures that the risks we take are commensurate with the long-term benefits we can achieve.

Our belief in the importance of transparency – around what we do and how we work – is essential to ensuring the trust and confidence of our stakeholders. Our ability to invest for the long term – we think in terms of quarter centuries not quarters – means we can stay the course and be driven by sound, forward-looking thinking rather than the need for short-term gains.

The efficient and sophisticated platform made possible by our scale, and the reliable source of contributions that gives certainty to our assets mean we can seize investment opportunities when others can’t.

Most of all, our global team of talented and experienced professionals helps us assume this vital responsibility and strives to meet it with integrity, mutual respect, and professionalism. Every employee of CPPIB is motivated each day by the opportunity to work on behalf of Canadians and to fulfill our unique mandate.

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